I feel so much lighter since I started working with Brianna. She has pushed me to change the way I think about myself, my past, and future. She has challenged me to question social norms and the way we are ‘supposed’ to love and be with someone. I now view myself in a much more positive and strong way.

Amy in Calgary

Brianna is someone who has a huge capacity for helping others. Her passion for embracing life with all its ups and downs and vulnerabilities has filled her with the ability to relate to others in an authentic, genuine and honest way that allows you to open up and be heard.

Pauline in Calgary

Brianna is a strong, vibrant and energetic woman who is full of spirit and passion. She is a devoted and compassionate person. She has countless times helped me to see the positive side of difficult circumstances. She is able to truly empathize and support those in her life, and has a genuine interest in helping others to accept and grow from any life situation.

Jennifer in Barrie

Through her own transformative and difficult period of dedicated ‘inside work’, Brianna has inspired me to continue my own journey of self-love. Brianna is compassionate, gentle and open, but not afraid to ask the difficult questions. She has been there and she understands!

Sarah in Toronto

Brianna opened up my eyes to things that I now hold close to my heart – mindfulness, self-love and compassion, and how to think about practicing kindness to new levels. Her courage in defining her own narrative amidst societal pressures was and continues to be inspiring. I feel so fortunate to have Brianna in my life.


Ivy in New York

There is nothing better than being around someone who reminds you of your uniqueness and your worth and of what you deserve. With just her energy and her presence, Brianna does this. She is able to do this because she has put in the hard, painful work to recognize herself, and by doing this, she has forged her own beautiful path.

Kate in Kingston