Who is Heart Rehab for?

I’ve designed my coaching program, Heart Rehab, for extraordinary, unique, fierce men and women who feel unsettled in life, even though they know, deep down, they are on the right path.

I want to help you quiet the critical voices in your head.

I want to celebrate your brilliance.

Heart Rehab is also for individuals who may be going through a tough loss, shift or change and are looking for a heart coach to guide them through these tougher times. Heart Rehab is healing.

The premise for Heart Rehab is that it starts with you. Put yourself first. Love yourself first. Because you’re worth it. The relationship you have with yourself is the most important relationship of all.

Heart Rehab will help you recover from the attachment you’ve had for so many years to needing and craving validation from other people.

 Heart Rehab will give you:

bri 3 b&w- red heart circle1. Internally-sourced happiness that is consistent and based solely on you.

2. Pride and appreciation for your uniqueness and the journey you are on.

3. The ability to turn your ‘victim’ story-line into one of a ‘superhero’.

4. A substantive withdrawal from the haters and negative attachments in your life.

5. Clarity on your own naturally-occurring gifts and riches.

And, of course, you’ll have a supportive coach, mentor, teammate, friend and advisor…in me!

What do you bring?

For the most transformative personal experience through coaching, you need to bring patience, honesty, self-awareness, hope, openness and a commitment to generating and sustaining self-love. 

Heart Rehab comes in two custom-built packages: detoxification and stabilization. Both options come with 1-1 coaching sessions, emailing with your heart coach (me!), “heart-work” for you to do at home and documentation to guide you through the 12 steps.

Send me an email to get started today.