With me as your heart coach, you will experience these 2 changes:

1. Becoming the source of your own happiness.

Too often we look outside of ourselves for happiness, when really, it’s an inside job. The feelings of dependency and attachment you have to other people (especially in romantic relationships) can be the ultimate cause of heartache and disappointment. In our sessions together, you will unlearn the tenancy to rely on others for joy and self-worth. You will become in charge of your own happiness baseline. It’s so possible!

2. Defining (or re-defining) your ‘happily ever after’ story, on your own terms.

Let’s face it, there is a lot of pressure on individuals to live a prescribed, traditional life, even in 2017. My journey has shown me that there is more than one kind of happy ending, and more than one path to get there. Let’s re-write ‘happily ever after’ together.

If you find yourself on a unique path that you didn’t expect to be on, you are not alone. Through coaching, you will become empowered by your decisions and choices, rather than feeling like a victim of circumstances that are often beyond your control.

My coaching philosophy

IMG_2652I spent 10 days in a silent retreat in Dharamsala, India in June of 2013. This was a transformative experience for me. Since then, I’ve learned more about the philosophy of Buddhism and I tend to utilize Buddhist ideas throughout my coaching practice. I also subscribe to many social work practices including mindfulness, active personal reflection, strengths-based methods and holistic healing. I have a Masters Degree in Social Work and have been helping people improve their lives since 2002.

With me as your coach, you will get rituals, activities, tools and exercises that are healing and empowering in nature. We will tackle your personal challenges head-on. And then overcome together, mightily.

My vision for my coaching practice is to create a safe, heart-centred, powerful, renewing space for women to get grounded, grow and heal. I want to create a place where women are able to define, on their own terms, what ‘happily ever after’ means.

Osho quote

 *NEW* 1-1 signature coaching program: Heart Rehab

I am now offering my signature heart coaching program called Heart Rehab. Coaching will take place in a 1-1 fashion over the telephone or online web-based meetings. Learn more about my new coaching program Heart Rehab here.