I was recently asked to put together a list of 50 things that I have proudly done, overcome and achieved. This list is displayed on sticky-notes on my bedroom wall. It’s a declaration of my truth. This list will help you understand what perspectives and experiences I bring to my coaching relationship with you.

My 50 proudest:

1. I have wonderful friends who live all over the world.

2. I recovered from a devastating, awful, broken heart at 33. Like, ouchie.

3. I keep an active blog, opening myself up to the world and sharing without fear (most of the time).

4. I got over being cheated on at 29.

5. I live with chronic pain and a chronic illness.

6. I have seen hundreds of live concerts – too many to count! Taylor Swift is next!

7. I’m best friends with my siblings.IMG_1665

8. I once left a dream job where I wasn’t valued for my gifts.

9. I got rid of my car and live in a walkable city/community.

10. I overcame two violent assaults at 26. Yeah, two.

11. I got my Masters of Social Work degree at 32.

12. I finished two undergrad degrees by 25.

IMG_157413. I have travelled to India twice (2001 & 2013), and studied at the University of Pune for 4 months. It’s my karmic home.

14. I have travelled vastly throughout the USA including visits to: Las Vegas, San Francisco, Hawaii, NYC, Chicago, San Diego, Washington DC, LA, Phoenix, Seattle, Portland and Miami.

15. I have been awarded bursaries and scholarships including $15K recently for my PhD work.

16. I’m a trained dancer and can read music.

17. I have worked for governments, non-profit NGOs and entrepreneurs all over the globe.

18. I am the proud legal guardian of my nephew.

19. I lived in London, UK for 4 years.

20. I lived in Pretoria, South Africa for 4 months.

21. I started my PhD at 34. Hope to finish by 38…

22. I’m an active volunteer in many of the communities I have lived.

23. I overcame my parent’s divorce.

Big smiles24. I climbed Table Mountain (Cape Town) and Blue Mountain Peak in Jamaica to name a few of my hiking adventures.

25. I have travelled vastly across Canada and been to every province/territory except Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Nunavut and Northwest Territories. One day!

26. I’ve presented at many conferences.

27. I managed a large staff team in another country (UK) in my first job post-University.

28. I auditioned for a paid perfoming job at 15…and got it!

29. I learned how to support my father’s alcoholism and recovery.

30. I ran a marathon at 29.DSC_0107

31. I ran 5 half marathons by 33. (I’m done now. My poor knees are toast.)

32. I learned how to dee-jay at 32.

33. I’m a great cook and love cooking.

34. I turned down a dream job for longer-term career gains at 34.

35. I have travelled and lived on my own-some in some pretty violent places…for women especially.

36. I visited 21 countries in Europe by 30…and still counting!

37. I successfully found a job in another country without any leads, experience or connections at 25.

38. I’ve been to many Stanley Cup hockey games.

39. I learned how to love and cherish myself at 35. (It took some time.)

40. I started over as a child and teen in numerous cities because we moved a lot.

41. I’m a University Instructor.

42. I have been given leadership awards throughout my life.

Tutu43. I met Desmond Tutu (Nobel Peace Prize winner) at 30.

44. I completed a 10-day silent retreat in Dharamsala, India at 34.

45. I have very close relationships with my parents and step-parent.

46. I’ve been to many other professional sporting events including Wimbledon, the World Cup, the Winter Olympics and the PGA tour.

47. I lived in Kingston, Jamaica for 9 months.

48. I have been in love.

49. I took special care of my siblings when my family broke apart at 14.

50. I got straight A’s in my PhD course work.

Bonus: 51. I have a tattoo that says love!

I would love to hear about your 50 proudest moments. Get in touch!