Word for 2016: Compassion

I have been thinking a lot about what I want 2016 to represent. I’ve landed on one word: Compassion.

Why compassion? There are a few reasons.

It appears to me that lately in the news cycle there is a focus on creating divisions between people (war, ideology, displacement, etc.), rather than generating an understanding for others and their stories. Emphasis on difference and pitting people up against one another creates a sense of unnecessary fear and division within our collective humanity. Compassion and generosity, despite differences, creates a more stable and healthy world. I wish for a compassionate, unifying vision to be the guiding force of our global energy.


Within our individual lives, we must act out of compassion for others who continue to push us, even if we did not ask to be tested. There are lessons in challenges. We must allow ourselves to listen instead of shut down when being uncomfortably expanded. Listening to your emotions leads to learning and self-awareness. We must pay attention to what shows up in moments of discomfort, and take responsibility for our own reactions.

It is important for us to detach ourselves from past harmers and the pain that we have endured and experienced. In order to do this, we need to practice compassion towards our previous harmers. Compassion leads letting go of past disappointment, heartbreak, expectations and regret. Compassion leads to forgiveness. It means changing the story we tell ourselves about our pasts. These painful experiences gave us more than we bargained for, and it is with insightful compassion that we can learn to be grateful for them. We can change our perspective through compassion.

Lastly, we must practice compassion towards ourselves. This is probably the most important compassionate act we can implement. If you don’t learn how to treat yourself with loving compassion, how can you expect others to? We must learn to stop the negative self talk and forgive ourselves for our past decisions and actions. We must embrace who we are and have been. There is nothing we can do about our histories now — only process, understand, learn and forgive. And LOVE.


I’m personally setting a deliberate intention to use compassion with myself and with those I love in 2016. I am also going to make compassion the guiding principle through which I continue to build my coaching practice. In 2015, I softly placed it into the world and I am excited to expand it in 2016.

With coaching, I can help you shift your mindset to a compassionate one — towards others, your past, your present and more importantly, towards yourself. I will dig deep into your heart with honesty and compassion. We will work on the following in my signature coaching program, Heart Rehab:

1. Letting go of past disappointments, attachments and harmers – what’s holding you back from moving forward?

2. Gaining and maintaining reassurance that you are in charge of your own happiness – who else is, really? 

3. Moving towards acceptance of the life you are living (even if it’s in a way you didn’t think you would) – I can help you define your unique ‘happily ever after story’, without regret and with newfound hope.

AND…early adopters (the next 5 people to sign up in January) get 25% off of my regular package prices!!

What’s In This Coaching Program?

Initial Assessment
Fill in this quick self-assessment to get started right away. This short questionnaire will help me determine what you would like to work on and what your suitability is for Heart Rehab.
Complimentary Heart to Heart Call
I also do free, 30 minute, heart to heart intro calls so as to introduce the program to interested individuals and to see if we (you and I) are a good fit for each other. I only take on a handful of clients at a time because of how personalized Heart Rehab is.
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Heart Coaching

–>Twice monthly Skype / Phone / Face to Face (local only) coaching sessions from 3-9 months depending on the package you choose.

–>Tailor-made / personalized Heart Rehab steps to work through, including documentation and “heart-work” to complete.

–>Additional resources such as books, speeches, articles, etc.

–>And, of course, you’ll have a supportive coach, mentor, teammate, friend and advisor…in me!

This is your opportunity. This is your chance to make long-lasting changes in your heart. I am here to help make 2016 the best and most compassionate year of your life. I look forward to hearing from you. Happy New Year!

– Brianna Strumm, RSW, Founder Mighty Love Coaching