Live With Heart

What do you possibly do to help and exist in a world that feels so incredibly heavy? I’m constantly and relentlessly surrounded by images of hate, ignorance, violence, grief and despair lately. I can feel the heaviness. The world is not operating from it’s Heart Center. We need a shift. Fast.

From my small, sunny, secure space in Canada, I turn to one thing and one thing only. I encourage all of you to do the same. It feels like the right and best thing to do.

Live with heart

In search of temporary world-chaos relief, I found and listened to this perfect, uplifting album today. Take a listen and a whirl. Send it on to someone you love.


“I keep a lamp over you, glowing in my heart,
To keep from tripping over troublesome thoughts in the dark,
We ain’t that different, we huddle underneath the same stars,
I see who you really are.”

(Lyrics taken from track #14 Shine.)

One thought on “Live With Heart

  1. I agree Brianna. I think we also live in a fast paced world where we are constantly pressured to give and give in terms of serious outcomes\labour\output and that often comes at a great price of our gentleness, love and heart… because how do you measure output in love and care and respect through a formula that demands efficiency and high level of productivity. I guess this is also debatable isn’t it.


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