Spring is in the Air

Dear ones,

It has been two months since I last wrote here. I realize this is a fairly long hiatus for me, but you have not been far from my heart. Here are some of the reasons why blog writing was posing a bit of a challenge. (And as all of you know by now, I want my writing to be heartfelt and inspirational.)

1. I was writing an over-abundance of words for school.

2. I was pretty tapped out of words.

3. I was sick of winter.

4. I ‘checked out’ for awhile during my April break and had limited computer time.

5. I did a bit of traveling.

6. I was unfocused and unimaginative.

7. I was being fully present in my life.

8. I simply did not feel like it.

Every writer knows that writer’s block happens now and then. Writing this now is a good sign of things to come. I feel this post is not a stretch to compose nor is unattainable.

Inspiration has been coming in many forms and from many avenues. The weather has shifted here in Ottawa and birds are singing regularly. Spring offers moments of hope as flowers emerge from the ground, defiant against more cold weather.

I’m also much further along in my PhD program and feel rejuvenated by this progress. There are some exciting things ahead including conferences, publishing opportunities, more teaching and working towards clarity on my dissertation topic. My head has cleared.

I’m also motivated by the emotion of love (surprise) and this song that has been playing in my apartment over and over and over again the last few days. It speaks to healing a ‘bleeding’ heart by falling in love again. The lyrics suggest this is not a bad thing, despite how scary it might feel. It’s also about believing you’re worth loving, which has been very difficult for me to achieve. I’m getting there!

It’s fun for me (now it is, mind you) to look back over the last two years and see how far I’ve come since April 2012, when things fell apart. Or at least they appeared to.

More soon.

Sometimes good things fall apart…


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