2014: I am ready

lessons 2013

I started 2013 off with a tattoo. “Love” it now says on my right wrist.

This was placed on my body as a declaration. A declaration of what I needed to be reminded of every day: love comes first. Self-love especially.

This has been a year for finding self-love. Of letting go. Of unexpected turns. Of reclaiming joy. Of bouncing back. Of strength. Of the unimaginable.


2013’s troubled sister, 2012, was intimately difficult. I did the work and have rounded a corner. I am now better equipped for what the future may or may not bring.

I am forever grateful for this past year and my incredible friends and family who filled me up consistently with their love, care, time, compassion and wisdom. My gratitude is endless. I also met so many wonderful people throughout my adventures in Canada, the United States, India and Jamaica. These memories will forever influence who I am building to be.

2014: I am ready for you. Happy New Year friends!

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