Don’t panic

I haven’t been this nervous in a long, long time. You’d think moving to Jamaica or traveling alone in India would have caused me to feel anxious. Yes, to a certain extent. But not like this.

This is big. I want to remember how I am feeling tonight. Mark the moment somehow.

Tomorrow is my first day as doctoral student. There’s a lot to prove. I hope I can live up to it all.

I’m going to plan my ‘first day’ outfit, pack my bag and make my lunch. Like I used to do as a young girl. I think it will calm me down. I also found this and it made me feel a little bit better:

What am I doing?

I’m gonna be that girl. That kind of woman. The one who goes for it. Fights for her dreams. Despite the many rejections (there were 4 schools that turned me down), fears and straight through the tears and pain.

Don’t panic. It’s go time.

3 thoughts on “Don’t panic

  1. Hey Brianna! How was your first day? What did you make for your lunch? What does a doctor of philosophy eat anyway?!

    We’re all cheering you on. Hooray for you!
    Love from Martha and all your fans.


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