When nothing became everything

have less

A couple of blog entries ago, I wrote: “There is no more room for wishing. I have everything I need.”

Whoa. This is a powerful shift.

I’ve been saying this out loud too since then. I point to my chest and declare, “Everything I need is right here.” Because it really, truly is right there. All of it.

Nothing became everything. Loss became gain. Wishing became having. Sorrow became joy. Somehow in the last 365 days.

There is a feeling of fullness, love and liberation in my heart. I have been emancipated from the chains of wishing I had more.

Wishing is seriously exhausting. Wishin’ you had this, that, the other. Wasteful thoughts. Cause all we have is this. Here and now. Lean in and seize it.

2 thoughts on “When nothing became everything

  1. Wow girl!! I’m fully going to try that one. Talk soon- brazil was incredible and life changing and have yet to process it all. I’ll definitely be spending more time there. But am so happy to be able to eat properly again!!! And sleep in a room without 10 other people…

    X x


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