‘Tis the season

….for engagements.

During the last couple of months I’ve celebrated many a “yes!” to the age-old question: “Will you marry me?” People all around me are finding and deciding on their life partners. Even my younger brother. These love stories span many ages, locations, situations and a couple who broke up and then reconciled.

Keep you in my life

A few worried friends have called to ask, “How are you doing with so-and-so’s engagement?” Truthfully, I am so inspired by their love. And in awe. Plus, I have my own amazing life-changing-stuff going on which puts me in a perma-super-giddy state. There is no room for wishing. I have everything I need.

Had this all occurred last summer, I highly doubt I would have handled the news as well. I was in the midst of breaking up with someone I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. It would’ve been tricky to separate my own angst and sadness from feelings of joy and happiness for others. I was in a darker place.

Nowadays life in incredibly expansive. There are endless possibilities in life and in love. I can tell I’m on the brink of something big. There is momentum. There is passion. There is strength. There is peace. There is joy.

As I approach my 100th blog post, I want to acknowledge and thank those of you who have faithfully been on this journey with me. It is certainly not yet over, and I remain dedicated to telling the story of a 30-something single woman working on an alternative happily ever after. I am also committed to growing this blog into something bigger, however it may look.

Pictures of India are coming soon. I’m working on making a video because there are so many. Stay tuned. Until then, here’s a funny.

Waldo goes to India


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