12 months

Rise again

Today marks the one year anniversary of the big B (Break-up or Birth…it’s up for debate). What I’m not going to do is wallow in what was, what I wanted, what I lost, or what went wrong. I’ve played that tune in my head a million times. Instead, today is mine to appreciate, cherish and celebrate.

I’ve done a lot of work over the last 12 months. Mostly underground. The ‘work’ looks different than building a house or completing a degree or designing a piece of art. Yet, the work is as laborious and fruitful on an individual level. I’m rebuilding myself in a way that I wish I had been all along. (I wish I could change my birth year to 2012. It certainly feels like I’ve risen again with a different set of eyes, ears, hands, legs and a much larger heart.)

I sit here in gratitude for the experiences I’ve had during the last 12 months. I’ve been to many beautiful places and been supported by so many individuals along the way. They’ve all been loving and welcoming as I sought comfort in their arms.


Have I let go gracefully and gently? No. I’ve kicked and screamed and fought for what I thought was mine. But I’m learning to let go of what hurt me and not forget what it taught me. It’s all a part of the grander plan and my greater purpose. I know this now.

In solidarity and love,



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