My 34

‎”Slow down and everything you are chasing will come around and catch you.” ~John De Paola


I’ve been thinking a lot about my year to come. What will it look like? What will transpire? What will I learn? What will I ache for? It’s ripe for the taking. A blank page. One thing’s for sure, my year certainly won’t play out like most other women my age. No marriage, no children, no mortgage, no car, no stable ivory tower. And that’s okay. I’m free. I’m in love my life. It’s unpredictably rich and giving and vibrant and amazing. It’s mine to passionately thrive in.  I feel my purpose all around. Here’s 34 things I’m looking forward to the most this year:

1. Big, beautiful colours at sunset

2. An immersion of love everywhere I am

3. Dancing feet

4. Learning to drum speak French

5. My new motorcycle cozy apartment

6. Bucket Hot showers

7. Gardening veggies

8. Playing soccer curling

9. Running over sunrises

10. Daily meditation

11. Yoga in the dirt snow

12. Hot, dry humid days

13. Red, dusty Thick, intellectual air

14. Letter-writing

15. Sleeping under the cocoon of a big net blanket

16. Giddy giggles and laughs

17. Long flights and walks

18. Writing my book

19. Loving friends and family

20. Torrential rains

21. Social working for on the continent of Africa

22. An abundance of unexpected new music

23. Visitors

24. An entire country (and region) to explore

25. Bold fabrics

26. New faces

27. Big hugs (and maybe even some kisses?)

28. Page-turning books

29. Hikes on long horizons

30. Soulful connections

31. Incredible food

32. Open and willing transition

33. Continued transformation and growth

34. Simplicity, space and time


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