The house

I’ve unexpectedly discovered 15 amazing things about living in a house of 15 strangers.

15. Help is always close at hand. For anything.

14. Your personal boundaries and buttons are pushed. This creates a deeper sense of self.

13. Β No TV necessary. Conversation is way more interesting.

12. Sharing and pooling resources is good for the environment. So is knowing you have 10 minutes to get in and out of the bathroom each morning. (This includes shower and sink time.)

11. Awesome girl talk at random moments.

10. Board games get really intense and competitive.

9. Living within a functioning system and community is incredibly insightful and lessons learned do apply to the world outside. Most importantly, what we do as individuals affects the whole.

8. Sleeping in a bunk bed as an adult. Especially the top. (I scored there.)

7. Chances are, someone will have a drink with you at the end of a long day.

6. Music sharing and lots of it.

5. My turn to cook only comes up once a week.

4. Someone will hold you accountable for going to the gym early on a bitterly cold morning. There’s no escaping your promise.

3. The sporadic belting out of songs from the kitchen – there are many good singing voices and guitars in this house.

2. Someone is always bound to be laughing. And it’s contagious.

1. Lots of “good mornings” to wake up to and “good nights” to fall asleep to. These are my favourite.


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