How to be tiny

Living in a relatively small house with 14 other people creates some definite challenges and guarantees finding creative ways to be tiny. In addition to the 2 shelves and 5 hangers I’ve been allocated in the teensy bedroom I share, I get 1/3 of a shelf in the kitchen (and must label all my food), an inch or so in the bathroom and even less space in the exploding fridge. My top bunk has become my sanctuary, my office, my living room where I watch TV (on my laptop with headphones) as well as my bed. I am learning how to be tiny, silent, invisible and inconspicuous in all moments. It’s all about making a low impact.

I commend my new employer for this exposure. Not only are we all in highly intensive training sessions most days which encompasses both the practical and the deeply personal element of working overseas, (I feel like I’m in therapy and unpacking a lot of emotional baggage) but we are all living in a highly stressful system, navigating our way through this community of stranger-like individuals. We have a shower schedule to abide by as well as a cooking and cleaning schedule. One slight, unexpected move to alter the system, and the entire thing is effected (either negatively or positively). We are all a part of something bigger and need to put it before ourselves – similar to development work in Africa. We are all under extreme stress due to the situation and it is a good test to see how we handle the pressure. Flight or fight. My head is spinning most days from the constant stimulation but I’m really happy to be here. It’s kind of scaring me just how happy I feel, actually. It’s unexpected and new.

This is what Queen Street in Toronto had to say to me last night.

Queen Street

2 thoughts on “How to be tiny

  1. I can see how living in a completely new environment can lead to serious introspection. And also teach you to live with less (something I need to work on!). Best of luck!


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