Happy birthday Bob!

I have a lot of pent up inspiration to spit out and so in honor of what would have been Bob Marley’s 68th birthday, today’s the day to let it loose. I’m spreading some love like he so generously did. Here goes my loving-single-girl-inspi-roll. This one’s for you, Bob.




freedom Not-meant-to-be-tamed

Great. Glad that’s out.

I remember thinking way back in July that I would be ecstatic to celebrate Bob’s birthday in Kingston and here I am. His foundation is hosting a free tribute concert tomorrow night and I’ll most certainly be in attendance. I’m not in Jamaica for much longer and so I’m soaking it all in and giving thanks for every remaining moment.

Thanks to Bob

The next 3 months are going to bring about many changes and an enormous amount of learning and growth.  I will soon be living in Toronto for a month to prepare for Ghana. I’m already accumulating a list of things I’ll miss about Jamaica, but I’ll save that for when I leave for good at the end of March. The research project I have been working on is coming along and I’m really excited to report on what I’ve discovered here in such a short period of time.

It may sound silly, but ever since I got my tattoo, or at least made an official declaration of love to the world, I sense and see it all around me. I have been playfully announcing myself as a superhero to friends, one who has finally found her superpowers. I am now able to shoot love out my wrist at the enemy (and there’s even a sound effect that goes with it). Without this tangible imagery, it’s otherwise very hard to explain what has changed within. Or maybe it’s supposed to be simple. Maybe this is just what a decent amount of contentment feels like and to be in recovery from the breakup coma. I can’t remember the last time I felt this real without needing another to top me up. I even saw this written on a speaker in a cafe in the middle of the Blue Mountains a few days ago. I’m going to make this my superhero name=Mighty Love. What’s yours?



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