My Tattoo

It was time. Today was the day after a lot of thought and planning. A young woman named Jessica inked me. The process was very enjoyable, once the design was drawn and the stencil was in place. That was the tricky part. I’m a perfectionist.

I now have a tattoo and a bit of a tattoo hangover, no lie.

I’m going to be spending a lot of time alone and in adverse conditions over the next while. The word “love” reminds me that it is indeed everywhere, even though I may not see it, hear it or feel it directly. It’s an important mantra, a word I feel I need to read every day when I wake up. Self love is also something I working on, and “love” permanently written on my skin is a testament to the fundamental importance of me attaining and maintaining this before I can openly and healthily receive the heart of another. Finally, “love” is all I am and give to humanity and now it is literally oozing out of me.


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