Tribute to Rae Town

Last night I finally made it to Rae Town Sundays, a street dance held every Sunday night in Rae Town, an inner-city community located in downtown Kingston. While the location may not be desirable, the people and music are priceless.  My infinity with cheesy music has become revived in Jamaica. They love their Michael Bolton and Celine Dion….as do I. It starts late (midnight) and carries on until 5 am. This street dance has been going strong since 1982.

During couple hours I was there, men and women of all ages filled this tiny street, swinging side to side with their arms wrapped around themselves or pointing up to the sky, while busting out hip hop moves or simply bouncing with joy. Couples took centre stage, arms wrapped around each other in a tight grip. Vendors sold Red Stripe and rum, peanuts, cigarettes, jerk and weed on a stick.

The police slowly made their way up and down the road many times, showing their presence but no one disturbed the peace. It’s really just all about the music and the fashion. My faith in humanity was restored as hundreds of Jamaicans, dressed to the nines, belted out tunes from the 60s to present day. The deejay covered R&B, pop, disco, reggae and even some dance.

Here’s a small collection of songs I swayed to last night, smile planted on my face.

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