I’ve been completely out of my routine and rhythm the last few weeks, spending time with visitors and taking trips to all corners of this mountainous island. Work has also been really busy as I wrap up the data collection component of my research.

I am looking forward to spending the next few days regrouping in Kingston, before again picking up to return to Canada for the holidays. I’m trying to breathe through all of the emotion returning is bringing up in my heart, including facing the city (and the memories within it) that I left behind. I’ve found a certain amount of peace with where my life is at here. I  typically fall prey to comparing and forcing myself to fit into boxes I don’t belong at home. I have to remember to remain true and honest within my spirit.

I am also breathing through the emotion of the collective trauma and tragedy that occurred in the United States on Friday. Why so much hate and rage? It confuses and saddens me. We can make a shift towards a place of hope, however, by conducing small and dutiful acts together. And love. There can never be too much love in this world. I encourage doing the following three rituals (thank you to The Power Path for the suggestions):

1. Light a candle for the victims and their families, and forgive the pattern that has dominated the way of the collective up to this point, and that has driven us to operating out of fear instead of love.

2. To help those who are the victims of this particular event, take a rattle or a drum or two clicking sticks and use these tools to release their spirits from the pattern. Thank them for their sacrifice so that the rest of us can wake up.

3. Look into your own heart and forgive yourself for anytime you have acted out of hate, envy, fear or revenge. Find a way to love yourself more in these times with compassion and forgiveness.


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