Day of Care

On Saturday I volunteered at the Day of Care, an annual event that the organization I work for, the CVSS,  puts on for the homeless:

Day of Care Poster

It was a wonderful day. I worked at the registration table for most of the morning. I  personally met about 200 homeless people in a few hours. What struck me the most was their patience, kindness and graciousness. Most said “thank you” once they were given their clothing voucher, food voucher and hygiene kit.

I sensed it was a well-received event. Available for the homeless were services such as HIV tests, eye checks, medical examinations, haircuts and diabetes checks. Each person was given a bag with hygiene items: toothbrush, toothpaste, towel, soap, toilet paper and for women, sanitary pads.

I know this kind of event speaks to the bandaid approach to poverty and the handout model, but some days these people just need a pick-me-up and to feel cared for. Something to get them through the next hour, day or week. To know that they were thought of. This can influence resiliency when the world has turned it’s back on you. I’m ever so grateful to be alive and that I was here. Thanks to Kate and Wendy for their amazing photos.


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