My Christ Year

It has recently come to my attention that I am in my Christ year. Christ was crucified at 33. And then resurrected shortly thereafter. This is the kind of year I’ve had – a death (my heart did kinda stop working) and then a rebirth. I find this all surprisingly quite fitting.

Let’s just say I was crucified in April and resurrected when I flew to Jamaica in July. What have I learned since then? Here’s 33 things the resurrection has taught 5-month-old-me:

1. The love that matters most is the love you have for yourself.

2. Friends can be found anywhere in the world.

3. Sleep is so very important to happiness and health.

4. Passion for work needs to be kept alive and burning. If it goes out, change your situation.

5. Music heals.

6. People are incredibly kind.

7. You are braver than you think.

8. Life is best lived when full of new experiences.

9. A lot of things we worry about really don’t matter in the end.

10. Hugs are the best.

11. Money is just paper.

12. Uncertainty is beautiful. If you can live within it, you’re well-balanced and secure.

13. Nothing beats a gut-wrenching laugh.

14. Smiles could cure violence.

15. Our bodies have immense capacities for strength and endurance.

16. Our hearts have immense capacities for love and forgiveness.

17. The future is limitless.

18. We write our own stories.

19. The things and people that stick are meant to. Those that don’t were never yours to begin with.

20. Generosity is always the answer. Give.

21. Never compromise yourself for the sake of meeting someone else’s needs, especially when they aren’t meeting yours.

22. Say what you think. Never hold back.

23. Ask for help when you need it.

24. Learn openly and willingly.

25. Dress in what feels good. Attention based on image is artificial.

26. You really don’t need a lot to be happy.

27. Nature is where peace can be found and furthermore, sunsets should be taken in daily.

28. Today is the only thing you have. This hour, this minute. Make it count.

29. Rejection is good. It means you’re weeding out what is not a fit for you.

30. Hurt really does carve out more space for joy.

31. Family is endlessly fulfilling.

32. Just dance.

33. Own your emotion. Don’t pretend, hide or run away from it. Always be YOU. And never apologize for this.


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