The cassette tape in my head gets stuck at times. It will repeat the same heavy song over and over again. And it goes a little something like this:

You’re not a wife. [And you’re 33.]

You’re not a girlfriend.

You’re not a mother.

You’re not a wife.

You’re not a wife.

You’re not even someone’s girlfriend.

Album title: You suck.

Yet, the track will eventually stop. It will switch over to a more truthful one:

You are a friend.

You are a daughter.

You are a sister.

You are a humanitarian.

You are a social worker.

You are a teacher.

Album title: You rock.

I was given one heart, and I know there are many ways in which I can fill it. The second song reminds me of this. The first likes to play with (and in) my head when I let it.

I miss the tangible act of giving love when I have no one special in my life to shower with it. I’m therefore going to set a new challenge for myself: I’m going to find one picture or image for the next 30 days that represents other kinds of love and beauty in my life. I know it’s out there. I want to embrace it. I will reveal this accumulated masterpiece on Christmas Day, when I’m surrounded by the immense love of my family.

I welcome others to do the same thing for a month – those of you who may be struggling to see the beauty and the love that’s around you. Join me to create a different expression of love that reminds us of our own potential make beautiful things. Love has many shapes and forms.

“The most beautiful things I look back on are coming out from underneath things I didn’t know I could get out from underneath.” ~Brene Brown

2 thoughts on “Potential

  1. You are an inspirational woman that makes many people smile, motivates all she comes in contact with and who will make a difference in the world wherever she goes


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