Peak: “To reach a highest degree or maximum.”

Just a few days shy of four months ago, I landed in Jamaica. Since then, it has been a steady, uphill climb to an elevated state. Yesterday, I literally ‘peaked’, and stood high above the clouds, my feet on solid ground.

I ascended Blue Mountain Peak, the highest point in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. Situated in between (and nearly equidistant) between the north coast and south coast, an hour east of Kingston, the Peak is 7402 feet above sea level.  The entire hike was about 12 km in distance, and took roughly 7 hours to complete the round trip. With a celebratory picnic at the top of course!

I’m back in the city today and looking up at those warm mountains with a new sense of appreciation. I’ve seen the insides of them, the ins and outs. The little villages tucked into the cliffs, the friendly farmers who harvest coffee, the uniformed school children walking up and down those steep roads, the animals, the Rastas and their joints, the hummingbirds, the plants, and best of all, the view from above the island. I could see shore to shore. It’s really magical in there. Breathing new air.

My pictures will tell the rest of the story.

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