You’re a superstar.

Someone asked me a few days ago what my #1 happy song would be to play for someone who was feeling down. I responded immediately with ‘You’re A Superstar’ by Love Inc.

Funnily enough, today I needed to listen to this song. It’s been one of those days that I wish I could re-start.

So, in case you need reminding too, you’re a superstar! Dance and sing along. (The red lipstick and high heels are coming out next.)

“So reach for the sky, and hold your head up high. For tonight and every night, you’re a superstar. And don’t you be afraid, think of all the friends you’ve made. Like any other night, you got your name in lights. You’re a superstar….”

One thought on “You’re a superstar.

  1. :). I’m singing it in my head right now. Sending you love and hoping tomorrow is a better day.

    You are a Superstar! xoxoGriff

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