Hurricane Sandy

This is my first real hurricane experience and it needs to be documented. Category 1 Sandy is on her way.

I’m prepared (I hope). Candles, matches, flashlights, batteries, buckets of water and canned food are all within reach. I am currently charging my electronics while I have power.

I’m also taking in orphans. People who would otherwise be alone tonight. Gonna be a good, old-fashioned slumber party!

The humidity right now is 94%. Insanely suffocating. It’s 24 degrees C. Quite cool for Kingston.

It has been raining most of the day, off and on with intensity. By 1 pm, schools, universities and offices were being evacuated and shut. I walked home a few hours ago and the traffic was terrible. You would have thought it was the 5 0’clock rush hour.

The supermarket was chaos. Everyone, including myself, wanted to pick up some extra supplies. Amidst this, it was kind of fun. There was a sense of bonding and community as people were all very kind and patient with each other.

Now, it feels like the calm before the storm (literally). The city’s gone underground.Β I feel for those in rural areas up in the hills who have to deal with flooding and mudslides. I’m sending positive vibes up that way.

They are predicting the worst of it will hit us tonight and tomorrow. My friend Taz was supposed to arrive tomorrow afternoon from New York City, and I highly doubt she will make it in now. The airport is closing at 10 pm tonight. Terribly unfortunate!

Loving big tonight.


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