A Bird’s-eye View

I had the opportunity last week to look at Kingston from two different angles: from the sea and from the air. Amazing how perceptions can change with a bit of space. (True for most things in life, innit?)

First, I made my way to the nearest ‘locals’ beach called Fort Clarence for a day. It’s a 45 minute bus ride from Kingston. This beach made me feel like I actually live by white sand and turquoise water. Most days, pounding pavement, I forget this.

Swimming in the ocean, I had a spectacular view of Kingston, nestled neatly in the arms of the Blue Mountains. I could see the smoke rising from the many factories located along the harbor; the airport as it jets (haha) out from earth on a tiny strip of land; the semi-tall buildings of downtown. The dark clouds loomed over city, as they do most afternoons, but stayed far away from our little oasis.

Second, I went up into the Blue Mountains and to a famous resort called Strawberry Hill for lunch. The view from our table was incredible. Everything looked so tiny and manageable. No sounds. The city was at peace, as was I. It actually took my breath away, being that high up, surrounded by green, and looking down over endless little boxes and blue.

Near to Strawberry Hill is a coffee plantation called Creighton Coffee Estate. It’s now owned by a Japanese family and been operational since the 1800’s. We  went on a fabulous tour of the estate and plantation, learning all about the exquisiteness of Blue Mountain coffee, its history and how it’s grown. For a coffee lover like me, this was such a treat! And the coffee was, well, exquisite.

Likewise, the view of my small, entangled life from afar has been helpful the last three months. A heightened removal to gain awareness. Like I’m floating above it all, looking down with some clarity. Seeing what is really there with renewed vision. Space has resulted in a slowing down, more breath, a thoughtful process, and a chance to regain the feeling of absolute, unconditional love for myself. I’d honestly lost this. I’m only getting better. (Thanks, K’naan.)

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