All we have is all we need: Gratitude

October 8th was just a regular ‘ol day in Jamaica but deep in my heart I was giving thanks. What have I learned about gratitude recently?

If it’s always enough, you’re never looking for more.
Awareness of blessings, big and small, usually heavily outweighs life’s misfortunes (or lessons).
Abundance is everywhere, you just have to know where (and when) to look.
Gratitude must be expressed.
If you’re full of gratitude, fear evaporates.
Grief can be squashed by gratefulness.
What we dwell on, we become. The more grateful we are, the more abundant we become.
The heart’s capacity for gratitude is endless.

Treasure Beach was gorgeous. The vacancy and slow pace was just what I needed. I could walk for awhile and not get harassed. We spent most of the time on or near the water. We stayed so close to it I could hear the waves rocking me to sleep at night. We also took a boat trip along the coast to the famous (yet decrepit) offshore Pelican Bar and down the Black River (or swamp) for some crocodile spotting. We were accompanied by Captain Ted and his dread-locked and smelly dog, Flora.

Sunday I attended a Thanksgiving Dinner hosted by the Canadian Women’s Club. I was so happy to eat turkey and pumpkin pie. (So much so that I gave myself a tummy ache!) The best part of the night was the company. I sat at a table and conversed with Marguerite Cochrane who just happens to be Damian Marley’s maternal grandmother. Her daughter is Cindy Breakspeare, the Canadian-Jamaican woman who became Miss World and was with Bob Marley near the end of his short life. Talk about jaw-dropping. I insisted we go for coffee soon.

Bless up.


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