Lap Dance

I have to write this down before I forget it happened!

I just took a coaster ride home (after completing a successful spelling lesson with the kiddies) where I proceeded to get a free lap dance from the conductor to the tune “Bruk It Dung.”  The conductor is the guy who calls out the destination and collects the money. Before I knew it, his groin was in my lap, then his butt in my face, as the music blared and we’re tearing down the road. There were many other women on the coaster but of course, he picked on me. Even though it was quite invasive, I initially laughed. Everyone was laughing. Finally, once I’d had more than enough, he eventually stopped after some coaching from other women on the bus.

I will avoid that particular coaster in future.

And then, between getting off the coaster and walking in my front door, I heard the following from 3 different men:

“Hey, baby. I like you.” (Shopkeeper.)

“Hey, sweetie. How you doing?” (Man passing me on street.)

“Hey, love. Can I give you a ride? I like you. Give me your number.” (Man in car, head sticking out the passenger side window.)

No, no and NO.

Oh, good heavens Kingston. Some days you are trickier to navigate than others.

4 thoughts on “Lap Dance

  1. LOL oh gyal, It’s hard being so Damn fly!!

    Why men in so many countries feel it’s appropriate to do things like this is beyond me. Hurry up, Beyonce, and make girls run the world!

    Ps: have you thought of going out in blackface? Lol


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