Racing for Hope

“Is hope a drug we need to come off of, or is it keeping us alive?” ~Carrie Bradshaw

Yesterday I took part in my first road race in Jamaica – the Race For Hope 5Km Run & Walk. The run was in support of the Hope Gardens & Zoo located in north Kingston, which is currently being refurbished. It was really good to feel the pavement grazing my feet again, my arms pumping in satisfaction. I’m ready for more!

There is something special about running in Jamaica – I’m not sure if it’s the humidity, the sun, the fact that the fastest runners in the world reside here, or that running truly does not discriminate. I see all sorts of runners, in all forms, sizes and shapes. I found this man just after he crossed the finish line, standing cooly with his huge, heavy dreadlocks and headphones. Awesome!

Why do I run? Running makes me forget. Makes me put aside the emotions. Makes me effortlessly displace what is going on inside. It jiggles up my heart pains and stomach aches that are eating me alive so that for a short while, I can ignore them. I feel free. It’s become something in Jamaica that gives me great comfort and sense of control.

Running also gives me hope that one day, I’ll have a breakthrough – that maybe I will feel like I’m running all day long. Running allows me to believe that I can be fully happy again – I momentarily feel whole and like I’m walking on air.

4 thoughts on “Racing for Hope

  1. So happy to read about your therapy! Keep it up 🙂

    Ps how many times in 5K did you hear ‘run white girl, run!’? LOL

  2. You will, you will! (feel like you’re running all day long and it’s effortless, just fun) Now you’re building your muscles and your breath….

    Is that you with the lean long legs and the blue chapeau?

    How fabulous to run past palm trees.


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