10 Worst: Jamaica

Because I made a ’10 best’ list a few weeks ago, I’m gonna do a ’10 worst’. It only seems fair.

10. “It’ll soon come.” ie: never.

9. Traffic. It’s maniacal. Being hit by a car is a real possibility. You are not given any rights as a pedestrian. Crosswalks don’t exist.

8. Walking on the ‘sidewalk’. Or around poles, holes & rocks? The city is one big obstacle course. We often joke that if Kingston were a movie and given a rating, it would be rated R. For danger.

7. Sweat. Which equates to a whole lotta laundry.

6. Bugs. Ew. The cockroaches especially. They’re shockingly creepy.

5. Noise pollution. It’s hard to hear yourself think out there. The honking. The exhaust pipes. The brakes. The stereos. It’s often so loud you can’t hear the person standing next to you. Even the BBC agrees with me.

4. The attention. I am very aware of my gender and skin colour. It’s pointed out to me within seconds of stepping out the door – and then every few minutes after that. And no, I did not come here to marry you.

3. Crime. Violent theft is a constant threat. My friend was recently robbed while running on my street – her gold necklace was ripped off of her neck by a man on the corner. Scary.

2. Garbage. It’s a real problem here. You’d be hard pressed to find a street or park that didn’t have piles of litter.

1. Lack of recycling. Every time I throw out a plastic bottle/glass jar/can/piece of paper, I cringe.

2 thoughts on “10 Worst: Jamaica

  1. Lol you mean you didn’t come there to marry that particular scrub? LOL I hear you!

    You know, in some countries, wearing a fake wedding band is often effective…

    And I remember the lack of recycling in…London! Hate it.

    X 🙂
    Glow on, sista


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