Hellos and Goodbyes

I love being in this line of work (development) because I get to meet such wonderfully diverse, inspirational, like-minded people in each new place I end up. I have amazing friends who live all over the world. However, people in this line of work are transient and therefore come and go often. Building relationships is the easy part; the difficulty lies in all the goodbyes. Case and point: my roommate, Ivy. She flew back to Ottawa yesterday. (Man, who’s going to kill all the cockroaches? Certainly not I.)

While I only spent the last 8 weeks in her company, she became my home. She was the person I’d see first thing after my sweaty morning runs, the person who I would say goodnight to most evenings, but, not before we watched The National with P-Mans. Not before we shared laughs about public transport or pains about walking home in the sweltering heat. And definitely not before sharing some food and a Red Stripe. I will miss her dearly. She saw me cry, adjust, cry some more, re-adjust, vent, giggle, burn, get bitten and eventually find a rhythm here.

We celebrated her on Monday night over a nice meal.

My Dad also came and went this past weekend, instigating another hello and goodbye. He was my first official visitor. Admittedly, I was a little worried as to how he would handle the noise, grime and congestion of Kingston. However, despite me pushing him outside his comfort zone, we both came out smiling.














I am very blessed to have family who are supportive of my path and who want to share it with me. I also don’t take my parents for granted and know my time with them is precious. I hope I make them proud.

Some highlights of my Dad’s whirlwind visit included the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra’s concert in Kingston (their first ever!), going for a wild drive through the Blue Mountains to the other side of the island, eating dinner at Usain Bolt’s pub (and no…no second run-in) and finally, an incredibly moving tour of the Bob Marley Museum (his former residence).

A closing word from the wise: “None but ourselves can free our minds.” ~Bob Marley


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