Today’s Legendary Encounter

Earlier today, I had an encounter with greatness. I was physically shaking. This will be a story I tell my future children and it will go down as one of the coolest moments of my life.

I was at the till after grocery shopping for my roommate’s going away party this afternoon (she goes back to Canada on Tuesday) and heard a small commotion behind me. The checkout-counter-lady was clearly distracted. I turn around and notice a very tall man near the entrance of the supermarket, a large crowd gathered around him. This man then progresses to walk through the checkout counter beside me. It’s Usain Bolt. Once I realize just how incredible this is (it takes a few seconds to register), I quickly scramble to get my array of items together, only half paying attention to the rest of my grocery bill. (Which reminds me, I really should double check the receipt.)

I wait until the mob clears and then ask for a photo with him. My friend Kate is also there, stunned and thankful I have my camera with me, for this was just a regular Friday afternoon outing. I could barely speak and was in an uncontrollable giddy haze. My expression says it perfectly. (His back was one big muscle. Yes, I touched it.)

I had to take one more shot of him leaving the store. It all happened so quickly!

He was really kind and gracious. He stopped to take pictures and sign autographs for everyone that approached him. I congratulated him and he said, “Thanks, man.” (I think.)

This tiny island is bursting with joy and greatness. Walking in one love.

One thought on “Today’s Legendary Encounter

  1. Thank you for sharing this incredible moment in your life. Words cannot describe the feelings I have for you in this time. Love, Mom


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