10 Best: Jamaica

10. Celebrity culture. There simply isn’t one. Everyone is equal and approachable. People who are ‘famous’ are just regular schmucks. It’s refreshing.

9. Fried food. Spicy beef patties and festival are my favourite.

8. Flowers. The brightest of colours contrast with the garbage everywhere. Orange. Pink. Red. Purple. Blue. It’s a rainbow!

7. Outdoor activities. Movies and yoga in particular. Indoor yoga will never be the same.

6. Sun. ‘Tis hard to be in a fowl mood when the sun is shining down on you every single day. The clouds don’t hang about for long. Sunshine=happiness. (Even when I’m melting.)

5. Love. I’ve been delighted by the amount of times the word ‘love’ is used in shop and store names as well as in grafitti. Some examples: The Love Cafe; Love Up; Love Mart; One Love.

4. Fresh produce. Chopped and peeled fruit by the bag, fruit on every street corner, new fruit to try. Fresh and locally grown vegetables and especially the huge avocados. Fish so fresh they are still breathing at the market.

3. Bob Marley. I adore this man’s music and general stance on life and his former residence is just up the road. He is referenced and seen frequently, and played even more.

2. Running. Six am sunrise runs in 30 degree weather. This is the coolest time of day. Kingston is actually quiet then and at peace.

1.5 Blue Mountains. They boldly mount themselves above Kingston’s busy, noisy city, offering a haven of heavenly peace. Their green lusciousness reminds me to breathe.

1. Ocean. It’s colour, temperature and soothing nature. I look out into the distance and see the harbour every morning when I get into my apartment elevator.


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