Risky, Risky Love

Today this quote found me: “You have to have courage to love somebody. Because you risk everything. Everything.” Maya Angelou

Whythankyouverymuch. Yep. I took courage for a ride. We are close friends. And risk? We go waaaaay back too.

What about the “somebody” part? Poof! They can suddenly and shockingly be gone. In an instant.

I find myself wondering about all the love that remains: Where does it go now? I can’t place it in a jar. I can’t eat it for lunch. I can’t take it for a walk. But I can’t let it all just sit here. Can I?

Hope. It is still alive in me. Barely breathing, but I hear a faint heartbeat. Thump. Thump. Is this never-ending state a self-punishing hoax? Or an optimistic blessing? I’ll always have hope. I’m hopefull.

Risk. I’ll always risk. I’d do it all again. And again. And again. Wouldn’t you? For the joy? For the moments of honest, raw closeness and depth? Heck, ya.

Agony and angst. While overwhelming at times, is weak in comparison to the tremendous good in loving. The good will be back again some day. As will the question of whether or not to risk it all. I already know what my answer will be.

One thought on “Risky, Risky Love

  1. Oh girl, don’t I know it! Tremendous courage is required to love – but extraordinary courage is required to leave.
    That’s my quote of the day!!
    I feel that same dull or piercing ache in my chest almost every day too. Sometimes I think its always there but I’ve become accustomed to it. My challenge is to feel it, as suppressing is infinitely less painful!

    As for the question of where to put this love – I know!! My friend, whose partner of 7 yrs left because he ‘wasnt sure’, poured it into capoeira. And now she is blissfully happy with another man who shares that love, and IS sURe about her.

    I’ve been pouring it into school. So summer holidays sent me spinning.

    X x


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