My September

September always brings about a sense of transition and change. Even more so than the ringing in of a New Year, the beginning of September triggers so many feelings of anew. A new school year begins, so does a new season. A fresh start. Yesterday the streets of Kingston were full of school kids in their pressed uniforms, clinging to their sparkling books.

It was exactly two years ago this September that I returned from South Africa and embarked on a new start in Calgary. It feels like yesterday. I had just completed my Masters and was full of hope. A lot has happened in those two years, some has come and lasted, even less has stayed with. Truly, nothing is permanent except impermanence.

I’m beginning another new 2-year cycle in Jamaica. What will come of it?

Do you ever look back and wonder, what was that all for? Has it always been to lead me to here? Am I better off? Have I grown? AM I MOVING?Β 

I’d like to think so.

I began this September in a very tropical, un-autumn like fashion. Β An unusual circumstance and likely one I’ll always remember. Turquoise waters and white sand and yellow sun and green hills ushered in September 1, 2012. No sign of falling leaves or crisp air anywhere. The only thing that is crisp is my skin (which, by the way, has become the most amazing colour it’s never been before). I went to Montego Bay for the weekend.

CUSO has a volunteer living there, Julia, and my roommate and I stayed with her, high up in the hills overlooking the town. Julia also sails and has access to a gorgeous boat, which we were lucky enough to ride off into the sunset. What a remarkable way to welcome in a new month, a new moon and a new season.


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