When she was just a girl, she expected the world. But it flew away from her reach…” –Coldplay

This is true. I did expect the world. And my world doesn’t exactly look how I thought it would. So here I am, creating and dreaming up a different kind of paradise for myself. In Jamaica of all places.

Jamaica is oozing with so much natural beauty. I was breathtakingly shown this on a weekend excursion to the northern and eastern coasts.  It spills out from everywhere, like an overflowing bowl of green salad.

But before I show you beauty, watch this hilarious video. Although fairly dated, it’s accurate. This was the method of transport I took to get to the other side of the island: a coaster. Quick facts on the coaster:

  1. The driver doesn’t leave until the bus is full, no matter what time of day. And when I say full, I mean overflowing – 2 people: 1 seat.
  2. They go fast. Indy 500 fast.
  3. They come equipped with a booming sound system where music is either of the gospel or reggae variety.
  4. The unlucky stand crunched together by the door. When one person needs to get out, everyone in their way must also exit and then pile back on.
  5. People have to carry their belongings on their laps – whatever it may be they are transporting – a TV, a box of fruit, a suitcase….you get the drift.

(I have to say, in spite of the ridiculous speed we were going through the topsy-turvy Blue Mountains, it was oddly reassuring to hear phrases containing the words “God” and “Jesus” blaring from the speakers.)

And so. Here’s some of my para-para-paradise found.

2 thoughts on “Para-para-paradise

  1. Ba ha ha – that video was hilarious! Fully understand, now, the concept of Island Time (specificially, Jamaican time)! I had those experiences in Barbados too – the loud music and the cramped quarters, and the piling out so one person can get off!! LOL enjoy:) so can’t wait to visit!


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