“Run, White Girl, Run!”

This phrase was shouted at me as I hurriedly dashed across the street today on my way home from work. You have to be quick in these parts cause the cars ain’t stoppin’ for nothin’. I was startled that someone even noticed me bolt from the sidelines. Yes, Bolt.

Immediately on everyone’s lips today was, “What about that race?” or “Did you see the race?” and “1-2-3!” It was buzzing here, not that that’s unusual. However, the beams were bigger and pride bolder in people’s smiles and strides. Beautiful. Today’s newspaper declared:

I have enjoyed spending the last few days at my new office, a quaint little space on ‘NGO row’ here in Kingston. My colleagues are very kind and welcoming and I can already sense the need for my presence. It’s nice to be needed. I have a lot to accomplish in the next few months and I desperately want to be useful. I’m going to be relying heavily on my own initiative, ambition, courage and resourcefulness. Go, white girl, go!

At my insistence, a team picture in our Jamaican colours was taken. We were all SUPPOSED to be posing like either Yohan Blake or Usain Bolt, but as you can see, there were only a few of us suckers putting on a show. (The rest clearly thought we were being silly.)

Off to Port Antonio this weekend to sink my feet into some sand. Bliss.

I’m radiating.

4 thoughts on ““Run, White Girl, Run!”

  1. I’m looking forward to hearing and reading more about the research and your Jamaican adventures. Although it seems like they should, community research processes rarely have a lot in common from one location to the next – at least at the ‘pointy end’; where the community is actively part of the process of generating knowledge/wisdom & their own solutions.
    Have fun Brianna… I know you’ll be bringing your typical commitment & resourcefulness. I bet the whole team is striking a pose by the time you leave. L

  2. Lol RUN WHITE GYAAL!! I laughed my head off when I read that! Having spent time in.Barbados, as a v visible minority, I can fully see that! Lol


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